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Safety Tips for your journey:


                  Be Sure that your entire luggage is clearly labelled with your contact information.

                  Be sure that your suitcases are securely closed and locked.

                  Do not keep large amount of cash on you.

                  Carry your money and documents in a belt or shoulder bag for convenience.

                  Do not carry anyone else,s items.

                  Do not let anyone use your luggage to carry their items in your luggage.

                  Do not leave your luggage unattended at any time.

                  You should be well informed about your luggage.


Essential Information


Acceptance/Offer Letter


All students must ensure that they bring their unconditional acceptance/offer letter issued, with them. You will be required to produce this document at immigration and during enrolment.


Visa/Entry Clearance


All students from non-EEA countries are required to obtain a visa or entry clearance to enter the UK. This needs to be applied for at British Embassy or High Commission in your own country. The following documents need to be produced along with your visa application form.  The most recent and updated visa application procedure is available on the website


Other related information can be obtained from the following websites.




Financial Arrangements

It is essential that you have enough funds before considering travelling to the UK. That includes your tuition fees and all living expenses i.e. Accommodation, Travelling, food, leisure etc. You should also have some cash handy approximately £200 for any immediate expenses when you arrive in Britain.

Tuition Fees

Please refer to your unconditional acceptance letter for your specific programme tuition fees. Your offer letter should contain detailed information about the tuition fee for your relevant course for the current year. The College also offers a discount for advance payment. Detailed information on your tuition fees for your particular course is also available on the College website.

Payment by Your Sponsor

An official letter on the company’s letter head from your employer confirming the payment will be provided on or before your enrolment must be provided if your tuition fee payment will be arranged or made by your sponsor/employer. College will send out the invoice to your employer/sponsor for any payment made on your behalf.


You are required to make a payment of at least 50% of your tuition fees on or before enrolment. It is not possible to pay in instalments available until agreed with the College. You need to write a letter to the Principal stating valid reason of why you need to make payment by instalments. You will get a response within 7 working days.

Discount for Full Payment

5% discount is available if the full tuition fee is paid in full in advance.

Expected Living Costs in UK

The estimated living cost in London varies approximately from £600–£800 a month depending on your spending. However, we suggest budget carefully. The major living cost would be your accommodation, travelling and food. RCHE can recommend local estate agents who can assist you with accommodation. All local travel information advice is available from the College once you report to the college after your arrival. You will also be given information about local shops which are close to the College.


We recommend that you budget around £7200 to £9600 to cover these expenses if you are intending to live in the UK for a full calendar year.

Part-time Work

As an international student you are legally allowed to work part-time i.e. 20 hours during your course. However we advise you not to work more than 15 hours a week, as this may affect your studies. If you decide to work part-time you will need to obtain a National Insurance Number to be able to work in the UK. You can find the information on how to acquire a NI number from the local Job Centre plus.

Your Accommodation

The College does not provide Halls or Hostels for residency. We recommend you arrange your accommodation several weeks before you arrive in the UK. If you have difficulties in arranging your accommodation then please contact the college by e-mail or telephone and we will help you to find suitable accommodation. You need to inform the College as soon as you accept your offer letter to avoid inconvenience.

When to Arrive

It is advised to all students to arrive one or two weeks before the course is due to start. This will give you plenty of time to settle down visit the College and get to know your way around. If you expect to arrive late please inform the College by e-mail or fax so we know when we can expect you. The College will issue you a letter for an extension of one week which you will have to produce to the immigration office upon arrival at the airport.  The College regrets, we can only accept up to one week of delay. First week activities will involve orientation/induction, enrolment and other social activities.


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