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Facilities & Services
Campus Facility:
The campus is fully equipped with all the necessity for candidates to allow them spend more time on campus and gather as much information or knowledge within the campus. Students can access information through the following sources.
Library Facilities
Library facilities are available for the use of all students. Students are asked to treat library materials with care to ensure that they stay in good condition so that other students will be able to use them too. A wide range of resources and services including texts, periodicals, journals are available. Additional to the core books, books recommended by lecturers are also available for extra reading.
If you have library fees then these must be paid before the end of your course. If you have outstanding payments to make then this could delay you receiving your qualification and you may not receive it until the balance is paid.
Printing & Photocopying
Printing and photocopying facilities are also available. For environmental reasons, we ask students to print only when necessary. Avoid wasting paper.
There may be times when you may need assistance and in the cases below you need to ask a member of staff for help.
If you are unsure how to use the machine.
If there is a fault with the machine.
If there is no paper in the machine.
Computer Lab:
The College is equipped with 24/7 Online computer lab to facilitate students with internet and articles available. The computer lab is fully monitored and maintained by the designated lab in-charge to provide students with troubleshooting and problem solving on the spot.
Your Accommodation
College doesn’t provide Halls or Hostel for residency however you have to arrange your private accommodation several weeks before you arrive to UK. If you find difficulties in arranging your accommodation then please contact the college by e-mail or telephone to help you find a suitable accommodation. You need to inform college as soon as you accepted your offer letter to avoid inconvenience.
Getting from airport to accommodation
It is suggested that you pre-arrange how you will get to your accommodation from the airport. This will avoid all the hassle that you may encounter. If your family member or relative living in the UK and coming to collect you from airport then please inform them the correct time of arrival and keep their number in your diary to ring them when you arrive at the airport. You will need to inform college few weeks beforehand if you wish that College arranges the pickup service for you. We will recommend you to arrange your flight to Heathrow Airport as it is the nearest Airport from the College.
Heathrow Airport is about 14 miles from the College. You can get a bus from any of the Heathrow terminals to Feltham station and then a direct train to Twickenham and Richmond. cabs/taxis will only take about 30 minutes -but is likely to cost you £40-£50.
Heathrow also has a tube station on the Piccadilly line - you can either change at South Ealing station and catch a 65 bus, or take the tube right into Hammersmith and then change to the District Line to Richmond or Kew Gardens
For more local travelling guide we will suggest you to visit the website as follows:
Emergency Contact Number in case of any problem;


College Location


Richmond's College of Higher Education is situated in the charming area of Richmond in Surrey West London. It is locate off the main Hight Street which is a 10 minutes walk from the College Campus. The College is has easy access to Central London, local banks, supermarkets, shopping, clubs, bars, restaurants of all types, and many local places of intrest such as Richmond Theater, the world famous Twickenham Rugby Stadium, Kew Gardens, Richmond Park and the Museum of Richmond. Heathrow Airport is about 14 miles from Richmond.

British Weather:

British weather is fairly unpredictable. However, there are various activitites that you will find to make the most out of weather conditions. For up to date weather forecasts we recommend the following website:



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